/suicide-squad-photo-joker-jared-leto-hair-make-up/Last week, a new photo arrived that showed off more of Jared Leto's slow transformation into the Joker for Suicide Squad. For fans, it has been an arduous process, and the actor has shared every step of the way. From his hair getting cut, to his hair being dyed green, to previewing the voice on stage during a live performance with 30 Seconds to Mars...We've seen it all. Now, a new photo has arrived which purports to show Jared Leto showing off his final Joker look. We see him in full make-up and costume. Only problem is, it's a very sneak paparazzi photo...And it definitely could be fake. Especially with all the great Jared Leto fan art that is currently out there. If this is indeed real, maybe will get an official image by the end of the day?

While Suicide Squad is currently being shot in Vancouver, it is rumored that most of The Joker's scenes find him confined to a jail cell. It is not known when Jared Leto will shoot his scenes, but if what we've heard is correct, he will likely shoot a great portion of his part of the movie alone. And his scenes may come at a later date. This version of The Joker is said to be based on Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" comic book, and as you can see in the somewhat blurry photo, Jared Leto's iconic villain is wearing the same bulky white suit as his aforementioned comic book counterpart.

At this time, the photo in question has not been authenticated. Nor is it known, if The Joker spends most of the movie in jail, how he winds up in this white suit. Maybe this is Jared Leto's own interpretation of the character that he came up with while experimenting at home? Just to see how he'd look? We don't know, and won't until an actual untouched photo arrives. For now, take a look at The Joker fully revealed, which could very well be a fake.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange