There have long been rumors about the involvement of Batman in Warner Bros.' comic book adaptation Suicide Squad, but it was never known if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck would actually reprise his role for this superhero adventure. Today, eTalkCTV has spotted Ben Affleck arriving at the Toronto airport, while a number of Twitter users have photos of the actor actually on the Suicide Squad set. Of course, it isn't known how long the actor will be in Toronto for, or how large of a role he may have in Suicide Squad.

A rumor surfaced last month that Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has been tracking the movements of all superheroes, with one scene reportedly showing Waller watching footage of Batman in action. The Dark Knight is supposedly "a big boogeyman" that the government hates, and The Joker (Jared Leto) is the only person to have ever met or known Batman, which is what makes him so important to Waller. It is also believed that Waller thinks Batman is the "key" to tracking down all of the superheroes, and that he appears at a massive prison riot scene at the end, where The Dark Knight comes face to face with The Joker.

Of course, none of the plot details above have been confirmed, but now that we know Ben Affleck is actually on the Suicide Squad today, it could lend some credence to these rumors. Are you excited that Ben Affleck's Batman will have some role to play in Suicide Squad? Stay tuned for more as this superhero adventure continues production in Toronto, under the direction of David Ayer.