At the tail end of last month, director David Ayer promised that most Suicide Squad Movie secrets had not been revealed, despite a deluge of photos and video from the set showing off everything from the entire cast in costume, to a plane wreck, to a chase involving one very iconic DC comics superhero. He then told fans that the movie was 'going dark' as they moved off the streets of Toronto and into a studio to shoot the remainder of the action. That wasn't entirely true, though, as new images of Deadshot have arrived courtesy of two amateur paparazzi.

One of the photographers claims that it is Will Smith clinging to the side of a building doing his own stunts in these shots. We have no other information, or a confirmation, to back this claim up. But it does fall in line with comments recently made by Scott Eastwood, who says director David Ayer is insisting that every actor do their own Suicide Squad stunts.

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Production on Suicide Squad kicked off in late April, with the shoot scheduled to last in Toronto through September. Warner Bros. has yet to even issue an official synopsis for Suicide Squad yet, but there have been several rumors swirling about the plot. One such rumor claims that the story begins with Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) trying to break The Joker (Jared Leto) out of Arkham Asylum, but her plans interfere with Deadshot's (Will Smith) mission to kill an incoming inmate, leading to them both being captured by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and thrown into her own secretive prison. There is also rumored to be a massive prison riot at the end of the movie, where Batman (Ben Affleck) comes face to face with The Joker himself. While we wait for more official details on the Suicide Squad plot, take a look at these latest photos from the set:

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Some action from Suicide Squad

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#SuicideSquad. Photograph 3. Will Smith / DeadShot engaging in his own stunts onset of production."
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