Suicide Squad is currently in production in Toronto, and today we have even more videos and photos from the set. The two brief videos show the same scene, but from different angles, where Task Force X is seen emerging from... something, we're not sure what, as a number of military soliders provide backup for them. There is also a rather thick layer of smoke present when they eventually emerge, so this could end up being a very cool shot in the finished film, with the Squad all walking out together through the smoke.

Of course, it isn't exactly clear what kind of mission they're on in this scene, or when it takes place in the actual movie, so this could be the first time they actually all suit up together. What's interesting is that, like all of the other set photos, Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) is nowhere to be found. There have been rumors that the Squad is assembled to pull off a heist where they literally steal Enchantress and bring her to Amanda Waller, which has yet to be confirmed, but would explain why we haven't seen her on the set quite yet.

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It's also worth noting that the full outfit worn by Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn now reveals that her shirt reads "Daddy's Lil Monster" and her jacket also has "Property of The Joker" on the back. These details, along with her signature baseball bat and Addias platform shoes suggest that the adaptation is sticking close to the New 52 version of Harley Quinn. There is also speculation that one of Harley's tattoos on her inner thigh, which Will Smith's Deadshot is seen checking out in an earlier set photo, could be a reference to the Jester costume she wore when the character first debuted on Batman: The Animated Series in the 1990s. Check out the latest videos and photos from the set below, and stay tuned for more