Warning! There will be SPOILERS in this story! Over the past few days, production on the Suicide Squad movie has featured a number of Toronto street scenes where an exotic purple Lamborghini driven by The Joker (Jared Leto) has engaged in a chase with an iconic vehicle borrowed from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Today we have even more videos from the set that show this epic action sequin getting taken to a whole other level. Of course, if you want to stay spoiler-free, stop reading now. If you want to check out the latest videos, then read on.

Yesterday it was confirmed that the Batmobile is actually pursuing The Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn's (Margot Robbie) purple Lamborghini. More videos surfaced from the set late last night that show Batman literally hanging from the top of this fast moving sports car. We don't know exactly how he got there, if he jumped from his moving Batmobile, or if he was actually captured by The Joker and somehow tied to the top of this moving car as it speeds throughout Midway city. We're not exactly sure how that would be seen as "punishment" for the Caped Crusader, though at this point, anything is possible.

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While we did see Ben Affleck on set last month, it's unlikely that the actor is actually working in this scene, strapped to a moving car. Hopefully we'll learn more as production continues and this thrilling chase progresses throughout the streets of Toronto. While we await more information, check out the latest video below from the Suicide Squad set. And we should remember that there was a rumor going around that Joker has a cameo scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Is it possible that what we're looking at is a flashback that will actually be incorporated into that March 2016 release instead of Suicide Squad, utilizing the actors while their available? We'll have to wait until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits the big screen to find out (unless some of this footage makes its way into the next trailer).