Be warned, there will be SPOILERS throughout this story for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, so read on at your own risk. Over the past few days, the Suicide Squad production in Toronto has been shooting an epic car chase through the streets of Toronto. Today even more video has surfaced, featuring The Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and an iconic DC Comics superhero. This is your last chance to avoid spoilers, so stop reading now.

If you've seen our reports throughout the week, you'll know that this chase involves the purple sports car belonging to The Joker and Harley Quinn as it is being chased by the Batmobile. Yesterday's video even showed Batman himself (likely a stunt double) hanging from the roof of Joker's car. It's worth noting that, while we have reported in the past that The Joker's car is a Lamborghini, it's actually an Infiniti G35 coupe with a Vaydor aftermarket wide body kit. Here's how Youtube user Mitchell Tremblay, who shot the video, describes the scenes he shot:

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"Several takes, angles and views of the Jokermobile racing through the streets of Gotham (Toronto). There was a water spraying truck to keep the road looking wet, Gotham license plates on all the stunt cars, Jared Leto AKA The Joker driving the speeding car and Margot Robbie AKA Harley Quinn waved back at me from the passenger seat!"

Another video shows Batman on top of the Joker's sports car once again, but this time sparks are seen flying from the roof, which indicates Batman is trying to cut his way through. It isn't known what type of tool Batman is using to cut his way through the roof, but another videos shows exactly how the Batman stunt double is rigged to the car. We also get another glimpse at the Batmobile riding through the streets in a final video. Are you glad to see so much action from the set? Do you want to see more, or do you want to see nothing else until Suicide Squad hits theaters next August? Chime in with your thoughts after checking out the latest set videos: