As production continues in Toronto on Warner Bros.' highly-anticipated comic book adaptation Suicide Squad, new photos and video have surfaced that show Margot Robbie doing her own stunts as Harley Quinn. Today's latest sneak peek find the actress skidding out on Harley's signature motorbike, while wired to a stunt rig. Aerial video shows this part of the chase sequence in action. There will be Spoilers below! You've been warned!

Margot Robbie is wearing the same outfit on set seen in photos from earlier this month, where her Harley Quinn character was spotted pointing a gun at The Joker's (Jared Leto) head, after he hit her with his purple sports car. It's possible that he hit her while she was riding this motorcycle, and these photos are from the scene where he actually hits her, but that has yet to be confirmed. One of the other photos shows Harley wearing a completely different outfit while she's in the Joker's car, so it's possible that the chase could take place much later in the story, in comparison to this new motorcycle/domestic dispute scene. The video we have from the set shows Harley Quinn skidding out on her motorcycle, while the Joker's vehicle follows. This is shot from an aerial view, but it appears to be the same scene as in the rest of the photos.

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Regardless of where this scene fits into the Suicide Squad story, Margot Robbie is clearly game to do at least some of her own stunts. We'll have to wait and see how many more stunts she pulls off as production continues. While we wait for more videos and photos to pour in from Toronto, take a look at the latest Suicide Squad images below.