In just eight short days, Suicide Squad will hit theaters nationwide, with some box office analysts claiming it could make upwards of $125 million during its opening weekend. While we'll have to wait until next Sunday to find out for sure, some intriguing new details about the comic book adaptation's main villain have surfaced. If that wasn't enough, we also have new photos plus a new track from Steven Price's score.

A website dubbed Fandom has revealed a full cast list for Suicide Squad, which reveals Alan Chanoine as both a Businessman and Incubus, with the latter role finally confirmed as the main villain after much speculation. Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), the mystical entity that takes up residence within June Moore, is believed to be Succubus, the sister of Incubus, who is trying to merge with her sibling Incubus to bring back their powerful father to rule the world. Now we know exactly who is playing Incubus. We haven't seen Incubus at all in the marketing materials, and it isn't known for sure if this Incubus/Succubus theory is true, but we'll find out for sure in just a few short days.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the first track on Steven Price's score, dubbed "Task Force X, which is played when this squad first teams up. The site also spoke with the composer, who reveals that the late David Bowie had a huge influence on his score. Here's what he had to say below.

"Guitar was always my first love, and it was something I never really got into my writing work. With this, the moment I saw it, there was something about the way it looks that made me feel like there was a sleazy '70s sort of thing, and that made me think of David Bowie records, and Station to Station. I ended up doing a lot of stuff with feedback and guitar stuff that was bent out of shape. These things became part of the texture of the score, and when you start combining that with the orchestra, it started to feel like something a bit different."

Suicide Squad marks the second time Steven Price has worked with David Ayer, with their first collaboration being the 2014 World War II drama Fury. The score won't be available until August 8, a few days after the movie hits theaters, but fans can pre-order on Amazon or iTunes starting tomorrow, July 29. Here's what the composer had to say about how he wanted his score to have the same "swagger" as the movie.

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"There's this neon quality to the whole thing. When I started on the music, I was trying to work on what this blend of instruments would be that would have this swagger and this epic scale, but that would equally allow you to feel the relationships and how they developed in the film. It all had a sound to it that felt rough around the edges. I just kind of knew when I first saw it what it should sound like; it was just a matter of chasing that in the year that followed. It's the first time our heroes are the bad guys. Some of them are iconic - Joker and Batman - but you've got these people who haven't been on the big screen before, so it felt like an opportunity to do a different sort of score to go with a different sort of film that David was making. David and I discussed them as being outsiders; they all exist in their world, whatever they're doing. They're all outsiders until they become the squad. Musically as well, I tried to give them the identity that they exist on their own terms but they made a different sort of sense when they were together with the rest of the squad."

In related news, we also have new photos courtesy of Empire Magazine for Suicide Squad, to get fans ready for the August 5 release. There have also been rumors that Warner Bros. is already developing Suicide Squad 2, with the studio hoping to bring back director David Ayer and star Will Smith as Deadshot, but the sequel hasn't been confirmed yet. Check out this new track from Steven Price's Suicide Squad score below, and stay tuned for more details.

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