One of the worst-kept secrets regarding Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad is the involvement of Ben Affleck's Batman. The actor was spotted on the Toronto set while production was under way, both in and out of his Batman costume, with video revealing scenes where the Dark Knight is clinging to the top of The Joker's (Jared Leto) sports car. Warner Bros. even revealed a tiny glimpse of this scene in the first trailer, so while we know for sure that Batman shows up in Suicide Squad, little else has been confirmed about his appearance. Today, we have a report that reveals which specific villains Batman interacts with in the movie. Naturally, there will be SPOILERS ahead, so read on at your own risk.

Batman-News has details on three different scenes featuring Batman, claiming that he won't actually battle this entire assembly of bad guys. But he does cross paths with three of the main characters, The Joker, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Deadshot (Will Smith). Given the footage and photos that leaked from the set last year, Batman interacting with The Joker and Harley Quinn isn't too surprising. However, it is now stated that Batman gets more screen time with Harley Quinn than he does with The Joker. There was a report last summer that claimed The Joker crashed his car into a river while Batman is hanging on to the roof. This was proved true in the trailer, where we saw Batman rescue Harley Quinn from drowning.

As for Deadshot, this report claims that Batman has an "emotional" interaction with Will Smith's character, but they wouldn't offer any specific details. The third scene also features Deadshot, but it's a flashback sequence. No details were given regarding the flashback, but it's possible that the movie is setting up a history between Batman and Deadshot, which wouldn't be too surprising since Batman v Superman teased that Batman has been fighting crime in Gotham for 20 years.

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Long before this report surfaced, there were rumors that The Joker would have an integral role in a massive prison riot scene at the end of Suicide Squad, where it was also believed Batman would confront The Joker. It was hinted at in Batman v Superman that The Joker is responsible for killing Batman's late sidekick Jason Todd, a.k.a. Robin, whose suit is still kept on display in Batman's Batcave. There is no mention of Batman's involvement in this long-rumored prison riot, but it's possible that that scene was changed.

Suicide Squad did undergo massive reshoots earlier this year, so it's possible that either the prison riot scene was discarded, or heavily altered. It's also worth noting that, after the initial rumor about the prison riot surfaced, the studio brought on Ben Affleck and DC Films' Geoff Johns to write the script for a stand alone Batman movie, with a report from earlier this month claiming this movie will feature a number of iconic villains. It's possible that this Batman/Joker showdown is being held for that standalone movie instead, but we don't know for sure.