Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gives us a tired, world-weary Bruce Wayne who has seen it all before his big battle with the Man of Steel. So it makes sense that he has a unique personal relationship with all of the villains that make up the Suicide Squad. At some point in his past life, he's tangled with all of them. Speaking with Fandango, the man behind Killer Croc, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, had this to say about Batman and his past dealing with the worst heroes on the planet.

"All of these so-called villains are villains that Batman has had some history with and caught and brought into Arkham Prison. So whether it comes before or after I'm not sure, but I do know we've all been captured by him and imprisoned in Arkham, so we've all got a gripe to bear against the ol' Bat."
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Batman is being set up as the lynchpin of the entire DC Extended Universe. And it's been previously reported that he gets much more screen time in Suicide Squad than previously thought. It's no mere cameo. Earlier this week at CinemaCon, Warner Bros. confirmed that the Batman standalone movie was moving forward with Ben Affleck directing and starring. He is also co-writing the screenplay with DC head honcho Geoff Johns. They already have a first draft of the script, with one rumor claiming it is based on Under the Red Hood. And it might give a backstory behind why Robin's costume is hanging in the Batcave with the Joker's graffiti that spells out, 'Ha, Ha, Joke's on You, Batman!'

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje refuses to confirm or deny whether or not he gets any scenes with Batman in the movie. The actor had to undergo five hours of make-up and prosthetics every day he was on set, appearing as Killer Croc. He does promise there will be a few 'Croc rolls' on display. But it's doubtful he'll roll over on Bruce Wayne. There isn't any mention of whether or not Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje might appear in the Batman solo movie. No plot details for that Justice League spinoff have been revealed at all.

Suicide Squad recently underwent reshoots. And while there was that earlier report of the movie having more Batman scenes, it's not believed that Ben Affleck was involved with these reshoots. They are said to bring more humor, heart and action to what has already been called a great movie by some test audiences. On a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Howard went to one of these test screenings. Sadly, we didn't get to hear from the fictional characters on whether or not they liked the movie. But it was a nice moment of synergy between the Warner Bros. produced TV show and the DC super villain adventure.

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