As the debate about Jared Leto's Joker look in Suicide Squad starts to die down, we now get our first look at Will Smith as Deadshot. And it's sure to cause just as much controversy amongst hardcore fans of the comic book. Though he is taking on a look associated with the character, Will Smith also seems to be channeling his own Capt. James West persona from the Warner Bros. box office bomb Wild Wild West. We don't yet get to see his full assassin costume complete with Cybernetic eye.

Will Smith was spotted in costume while filming scenes for Suicide Squad in the streets of Toronto, Canada. This iconic villain, best known for his battles against Batman and Commissioner Gordon, is seen shopping with a young girl. Here, we see him exiting a store with his arms full of shopping bags, and the girl, maybe his daughter, is holding a doll. This scene may take place before Floyd Lawton takes on the full Deadshot persona.

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Deadshot is a skilled marksman who holds no regard for human life. Perhaps because someone killed his daughter? In the comics, Deadshot discovers he has a daughter, Zoe, who is being raised in a crime-filled area of Star City. Lawton decides to do right by this daughter, and embarks on a lethal war on the local gangs that plague the area. The series ends with Deadshot faking his death, having realized a normal life isn't for him, but also having mostly cleared up the area and convincing Green Arrow to patrol it more regularly. It should also be noted that when Deadshot debuted, he wore a top coat and tails which transitioned to a red jumpsuit and distinctive metal face plate. So if you're not too familiar with the full background on the character, don't jump to any conclusions about Deadshot's look just yet. But maybe if you cry loud enough about it, director David Ayer will release an official photo of Will Smith in his assassin costume complete with Cybernetic eye to calm you down. In the mean time, enjoy this first look:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange