Over the weekend, the New York Toy Fair kicked off, with merchandisers revealing their upcoming toy lines, many of which tie in to upcoming movies. Toy Ark spent the weekend scouring the convention floor, where they came across a number of action figures for the upcoming superhero adventure Suicide Squad, opening in theaters August 5. We've known for quite some time that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck will be reprising his role as Batman in Suicide Squad, but one of these toy photos teases that he'll have a much different costume.

The Dark Knight's Suicide Squad toy appears to have a similar costume from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the figure also has a breathing mask affixed to his legendary cowl. We aren't quite sure if this is a gas mask, designed to protect Batman from any poisons that The Joker (Jared Leto) may unleash, or if it's a masked designed to help him breathe underwater. There was also a report from the set that Batman was riding atop The Joker's car, just before it plunged into water, but Batman jumped off the car just in time. It's possible that he did go under with the car, in which case, this mask could help him survive, if that is in fact what it's for.

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The Toy Fair also revealed action figures for other main Suicide Squad characters, The Joker, Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Katana (Karen Fukuhara) and Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney). The site also showed off another toy from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which could reveal a major spoiler for the movie. You may recall that the first image of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor featured the actor sporting the villain's traditional bald look, although in all of the footage we've seen so far, he's been seen with long hair. This action figure features Lex Luthor sporting the bald look, while wearing a bright orange prison jumpsuit, complete with shackles. It's worth noting that there have been reports that Luthor may surface in Suicide Squad as well, and it's possible that he may be in the same jail as these squad members, which is run by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

In related news, the NBA also held its All-Star Game festivities this weekend, and during yesterday's pre-game telecast on TNT, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill stopped by to discuss the movie. Turner Sports PR released the entire five-minute interview segment with both stars, where they revealed some interesting tidbits about this highly-anticipated movie, arriving in theaters March 25. Here's what Ben Affleck had to say about portraying the iconic Batman.

"It was very intimidating. I took comfort in knowing that this version of Batman is a little out of step, a little old, broken down. He's a little over the hill--broken. He's kind of given up. And when Superman shows up he's like so powerful that he threatens everything that Batman kind of believes in, and it leads to this conflict. So it wasn't like I had to play Batman in his prime, so that was at least the excuse that I told myself. For me the hardest part of this movie and movies like this is the amount of training you have to go into - I saw the first movie, Man of Steel that he [Cavill] was in and the kind of shape he was in and it was kind of intimidating... I was like, oh, do I have to look like that? That's gonna be a lot of work."

Of course, Henry Cavill reprises his Superman role from 2013's Man of Steel, and it was revealed at Comic-Con that both Batman's Gotham and Superman's Metropolis are "twin cities," which are separated by a bay. The destruction caused by Superman in Man of Steel spilled over into Gotham, which is what helps create the conflict between these two heroes. Henry Cavill also admitted how intimidating it was to step into Superman's boots for the first time.

"It is intimidating, yeah, when you first put on those boots. There's a lot of pressure on you, and you can choose to ignore that pressure and do the best job you can, but that doesn't get rid of the pressure which is making sure it's the right thing for the fans. Superman is universal. He's just the guy who loves the human race and wants to make sure he's doing the right thing for everyone."

If that wasn't enough, we also have a new photo from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with the full video interview of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill below and all of the action figure photos from the New York Toy Fair. Are you looking forward to both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad? Do you think they'll both become huge hits at the box office? Chime in with your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more from both of these highly-anticipated movies.

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