While there are a few more high profile releases coming our way throughout the rest of August, Suicide Squad is the last big budget tentpole blockbuster, and the final superhero entry of summer. And it's proving to be a smash hit, despite what critics might have to say about it. The movie is off to a massive start, with a Friday opening day box office that pretty much obliterated previous August records.

Suicide Squad has clearly pummeled Guardians of the Galaxy in its first day of release. The movie has earned $65.1 million, with $20.5 million of that coming from Thursday preview screenings. This sets a new record for August opening day box office, toppling Guardians Friday cume of $37.8 million back in 2014. Many believe these opening numbers will lead the latest DCEU adventure to a stellar $145 million opening weekend. Though if recent box office history pans out, it could fall lower to $138 million.

While the movie has been beat with a bat by critics, audiences have been much kinder. And it has even beaten Batman v Superman's B CinemaScore by receiving a B+ from actual paying audiences. When it comes to Rotten Tomatoes, though, the movie sits at 25% rotten, having fallen 2% from Dawn of Justice's 27% rotten score between Friday and Saturday, as more reviewers piled on in the wake of its opening day release. The movie has also dipped to 7.4/10 on IMDB, which is lower than Batman V Superman's 7.7.

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Despite this drubbing, Warner Bros. appears to have a successful movie on its hands, no small feat for a first time franchise entry that some audiences might not be entirely familiar with at this point, though some of the characters are very familiar and popular with comic book and general fans alike. However the weekend shakes out for Suicide Squad, it will definitely beat Guardians of the Galaxy's current August opening weekend record of $94.3 million.

If Suicide Squad can pull north of $140 over the course of the next three days, it will make it into the top 15 domestic openers of all time. Overseas, the movie has added an additional $33 million with its Friday performance, bringing its foreign grosses to $64.6 million after three days. The movie is screening in 57 international markets. It brought in $6.2 million in the UK alone, smashing the country's August record as well. It earned $3.9 million in Mexico, and $1.4 million in Spain. Global box office estimates have the movie earning $129.7 million during its first 3 days in worldwide release. We'll have the full three-day domestic weekend grosses for you tomorrow as those become available, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange