It doesn't matter if you loved it or hated it, there is no denying that Suicide Squad was incredibly popular. It absolutely crushed at the box office and has been a nearly constant topic of conversation ever since the first trailer debuted. Even the soundtrack for the movie sold more than 500,000 copies. So it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that IMDB has named it the most popular movie of the year.

IMDB recently released their list of the most popular movies of 2016 and David Ayer's Suicide Squad came out on top, beating out the likes of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. The rankings were based entirely on how popular the movies were with the IMDB user base and not at all on critical reception or box office. Here is how the site explained how they determined the top 10 list.

"This list comprises the top 10 movies released in 2016 that were most consistently popular with IMDb users according to MovieMeter. These rankings are not based upon critical assessments or box office performance, but on pageviews by our combined web and mobile audience of more than 250 million unique monthly visitors."

Despite getting trashed by critics upon arrival, Suicide Squad has managed to bring in $745 million worldwide. Considering the movie featured a lot of largely unknown characters and was following in the footsteps of the much-maligned Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, that is pretty impressive. Since the movie wound up being divisive, that actually helped to fuel the popularity and having Margot Robbie in the movie didn't hurt anything, since she was also ranked as IMDB's most popular star of 2016. That is evidenced by the fact that her two big movies bookended this list, with The Legend of Tarzan coming in at number 10, despite the fact that it underperformed at the box office.

It is maybe a tiny bit surprising that Suicide Squad beat out some of these movies, but it isn't necessarily surprising that the top five entries on IMDB's list were all comic book movies. Captain America: Civil War came in at number two, but in terms of box office, the movie came in at number one worldwide, having grossed $1.15 billion. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't far behind at number three which also may have been helped by the fact that the fan response was very divided. Coming in at four and five respectively were Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse and the only perhaps surprising thing about that is the fact that Deadpool didn't place a little higher.

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The rest of the top 10 list from IMDB featured a couple of movies one would expect to see, like The Jungle Book and Ghostbusters (mostly because of the controversy surrounding it), but there were also a few surprises. Somewhat inexplicably, The Magnificent Seven came in somewhat fittingly at number seven on the list, with Warcraft and The Legend of Tarzan rounding it out. Warcraft makes some sense given how popular it was overseas. That said, it is shocking some of these movies made it on the list and others like Doctor Strange and most shockingly Rogue One: A Star Wars Story didn't make it. You can check out the entire list for yourself below.

1. Suicide Squad

2. Captain America: Civil War

3. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

4. Deadpool

5. X-Men: Apocalypse

6. The Jungle Book

7. The Magnificent Seven

8. Ghostbusters

9. Warcraft

10. The Legend of Tarzan

Ryan Scott