While many believe Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will be the breakout character in this summer's Suicide Squad, Jared Leto's Joker is still getting the most attention. We've heard for quite sometime that a new trailer is just on the horizon. And if this latest report from Heroic Hollywood is any indication, he'll be the central force in this new footage. The site provides a comprehensive breakdown of the incoming sneak peek. Though, they're not sure when we'll get to see it. They speculated that it will be released in January. Possibly during the NFL playoffs. It might also drop during this year's Super Bowl.

Heroic Hollywood notes that while Warner Bros. and DC Comics spent a lot of time getting this trailer perfect, it might get pushed or scrapped due to the description leak. We're not sure how true that is, or how suspect this following intel is. But it's believed that this is 100% what we're going to see, with footage that is cut to Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Things kick off in jail. The opening shot has a camera panning down a long prison hallway. We come to Captain Boomerang's cell, with a guard slamming the metal window on his door shut. This cuts to Harley Quinn in her cell, sipping tea and reading a book. She is in curlers and wears fuzzy pink slippers. Deadshot is seen looking out his cell window, while rain pours from the sky. Diablo is in his cell doing push-ups. We also see another shot where he is studying a flame he's made in his hand.

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When we finally see Captain Boomerang, he is yelling at the lens of the prison camera feed. This cuts to Amanda Walker, where she is talking at dinner. This is similar to the first look footage released during Comic-Con 2015 a few months back. The Warner Bros. and DC Logo arrives in neon blue and pink. Harely's colors. We see more footage utilized in the Comic-Con teaser, as armored guards come running down the prison walkway.

Deadshot takes a fighting stance in his cell, ready to fight whatever is on the other side. The Guards open his cell and attack him. He is tied to a medical chair, the guards hitting him in the stomach with a police baton. Elsewhere in the prison, Diablo is freed from a metal tank, hitting the ground in a rush of water. He is soaked. We then cut to a medical room. Perhaps this is an OR. We see the SDCC footage of Killer Croc being wheeled in. Deadshot is heard asking the following question in a bit of comic relief.

"What is this, uh, cheerleading tryouts?"

This cuts to Captain Boomergang emerging from a yellow body bag. He throws stiff punches before he has fully appeared, taking out the many soldiers who surround him. We then see Slipknot for the first time. He punches what could be a female FBI agent holding an SUV door open. The other agents attempt to restrain him. Harley makes a surprise entrance here, declaring, 'Hi, Boys!' She looks fairly normal. Diablo and Deadshot are in prison jumpsuits.

Next, we're introduced to Rick Flagg, who stands behind two sliding doors. He is rummaging through Deadshot's old case file. Enchantress, who still looks fairly normal, stands behind him. He explains that 'Deadshot...Shoots people.' This is matched up with a shot of Deadshot in a suit, looking down, guns in hand. We then hear Flagg state, 'Crocodile? He eats people.' We see Killer Croc pull his hood down. A secondary shot shows Croc jumping out of what looks to be the sewer. He pulls a guard back in as he goes down once again.

Diablo gets a close-up with the Flagg declaration, 'He burns people.' Enchantress is seen looking more like a witch. She sits on a bed, putting her finger to her mouth. 'Shhhhh.' Flagg says, 'You're possessed by a witch.' This is followed by a shot of Harley laughing behind bars. About her, Rick Flagg simply states, 'And she's just crazy." This cuts to Harley hearing a loud noise, 'What was that?' We see a shot of soldiers lurking outside. It goes back to Harley, who says, 'I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry... it's the voices.' We see Slipknot's reaction. Quinn laughs, 'Hahaha I'm kidding. That's not what they really said.'

The next shot we see takes place during daylight, Deadshot and Diablo are on a compound surrounded by the military. Flagg breaks down the 'deal' as a helicopter flies over the city at dusk. The chopper comes under attack. Troops are in the streets. There is a lot of damage being done to the surrounding buildings and vehicles. Flagg informs his ragtag group that they are 'going somewhere very bad.' This cuts to a humvee that has been melted down and nearly destroyed. We then cut to the inside of the helicopter cabin.

This brings us our hero shot of Deadshot (Will Smith), Katana (Karen Fukuhara), Diablo (Jay Hernandez), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Rick Flagg (Joel Kinnaman), and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). Rick says, 'You do something that'll get you killed'. Boomerang and Slipknot share concerned looks. Next, we see Deadshot and Flagg leading people into a building, their guns raised.

A large group of soldiers also enter the building. We're next taken to a subway platform that has been destroyed. It looks much like the streets from an earlier shot. Deadshot slides across the ground on his knees, firing his guns, coming directly at the camera. Flagg fires his assault rifle in the air behind him. Harley is seen crawling up a glass elevator from the ground up. She carries her iconic baseball bat, at one point stopping to wave at the ground. Deadshot states proudly, 'Let's go save the world.' Rick Flagg is seen standing next to Deadshot by a fire. We then see a few quick random shots that include Harley firing her guns, Boomerang being attacked by monsters, who are reportedly Enchantress' helpers. Killer Croc slams one of them to the ground.

Harley Quinn strikes a sexy pose to blow her hair out of her face. Enter The Joker. Jared Leto's iconic villain is seen wearing his gold jacket. He slaps some poor man in the face, declaring, 'I can't wait to show you my toys!' This is followed by more quick cuts. We see Deadshot on the attack. The Joker has a laughing fit, holding a gun. We see the Clown Prince of terror pull on a string light. He drives his car in a scene that was also featured in the SDCC footage. The Joker is the seen laying on the ground, surrounded by hundreds of guns, knives and other assorted weapons. There is a big explosion.

Deadshot is seen loading his gun clips before taking aim. Diablo yells out. The pace of the trailer slows down. Captain Boomerang is seen opening a can of beer. He takes a drink. Cut to Katana's eyes. They turn pitch black. Harley is in a club, giving a sexy stripper dance. A helicopter shoots. Then the screen cuts to black. The text reads.

"Worst. Heroes. Ever."

During this tagline, we get to see Military men fist bumping, followed by Incubus demolishing a subway car, and The Joker pulling a gun on an unidentified man while a henchman watches from behind. We then see Croc and Katana interacting. There is a quick shot of a pre-transformation Harley Quinn slamming her arms down on a table. And images from a big street fight. We see Enchantress before her change. And quick shots of all the characters. This is topped off with a topless Joker taking a dive into chemical tank. He pulls Harley Quinn out of it.

This leads to even more quick cuts of the various characters that make up the Suicide Squad team. We get more Harley Quinn as she swings from a rope, and also smashes a department store window at night, surprising her group. She then reaches into the department store and steals a purse. Cut to Rick Flagg: 'Seriously, the hell is wrong with you people?' Harley slides the purse around her body, continuing on with the mission. She teases, 'We're bad guys. It's what we do.'

The Suicide Squad logo comes up. And that's the end of the trailer. While the Joker only gets one paragraph in this detailed description, it's said to be more than double the footage we got of Jared Leto in the Comic-Con footage. What do you think? Does this sound like what you've been waiting for? We're sure there will be a big announcement in regards to the actual trailer launch. So stay tuned for that. Until then, sound off in the comments below.