DC's Suicide Squad seems like less of a gamble than Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but will it be as successful? The teaser trailer, which premiered at Comic-Con, hints that it will be, as it garners more views than the one released for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the Suicide Squad title itself may be lesser known than some of its DC comic book counterparts like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League, it has one of the most popular villains of all time, in any medium, in The Joker. It is also bringing a fan favorite character to the big screen for the first time with Harley Quinn. This, along with a ragtag group of villainous misfits played by some of Hollywood's top talent. Still, there is that lingering feeling that DC and Warner Bros. don't quite have the proper footing in launching an epic superhero cinematic universe in line with the MCU just yet. Will it falter? Will it rise to the occasion? Or will it prove to be so weird, it garners a healthy, hardcore fan base while turning away general audiences? All of those things seem likely when looking at what we know about the movie so far. This is going to be one wild ride, and it will surely be one of the more interesting projects to come out of the DC canon.

When DC and Warner Bros. unveiled their upcoming slate through the year 2020, Suicide Squad was easily the most surprising, and somewhat shocking, inclusion. For the first time in comic book movie history, a film will be solely devoted to the super villains of a particular comic book's long-standing legacy. A movie headlined by The Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot seems like an impossibility just a few short years ago. But here it is, standing next to a stellar line-up that includes standalone adventures for nearly all of DC Comics most iconic characters. These include Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam!, Cyborg and the ensemble adventures Justice League Part 1 and Justice League Part 2. Maybe even more surprising was the fact that DC and Warner Bros. is using Suicide Squad as one of the flag ship titles to launch their shared universe of comic book characters. While Man of Steel is included in this line-up, it was conceived and made under a different mindset. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the true foundation upon which everything else rests. With Suicide Squad the first to experiment outside of the box.

Suicide Squad will work in showing a very different side of this universe. While the other movies are devoted to the heroes of the Justice League, this one revolves around its own core group of thugs tasked with the impossible. These super villains accept a secret government mission that will likely result in their deaths. But if they survive, they will be pardoned. While it is entirely it's own thing, it promises to tie into the other Justice League films in unique and interesting ways. And it will show us sides to these characters that we haven't seen outside of the comic books. It certainly promises to be one Hell of a trip for all involved, all the way down to one unsuspecting rat named Venustiano!

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The Legacy

Original <strong><em>Suicide Squad</em></strong>

One reason the Suicide Squad announcement came as a surprise is that this team was already flourishing on the small screen in The CW's Arrow. Though, with a slightly different line-up that doesn't include the Joker. It was the first indication that the DC movie and TV worlds would be separate entities. The second came when The Flash was announced. It has no ties to The CW series, but will follow the same main character Barry Allen. This Suicide Squad will paint a very different picture than what we've seen before. But its legacy is one of the most far reaching in the DC comic book universe. And it has certainly gone through some changes over the course of the past 6 decades. Task Force X was first introduced in the 1959 comic book The Brave and the Bold #25 , and was decidedly different from the version we know today. Though, Rick Flag was a member of this original group and will be a part of the movie. They began their journey as a WWII military outfit that slowly morphed over time, becoming what we see before us today. As it stands, the modern Task Force X is a squadron of antiheroes who go on high-risk black ops missions as deniable assets for the US government. They operate out of Belle Reve Penitentiary under the watchful eye of the villainous Amanda Waller. The existence of the Suicide Squad helps explain why so many of Gotham and Metropolis most dangerous convicts are roaming free, without the various heroes trying to track them down. The movie will stick to this core esthetic in establishing its team of bad guys.

Other TV Shows and Movies

<strong><em>Suicide Squad</em></strong> Arrow

Arrow isn't the first or only TV show to use the Suicide Squad before they got their own standalone movie. They made one appearance in the Justice League Unlimited animated series where they are only ever referred to as Task Force X. And they made their first live action appearance in the tenth and final season of Smallville. The movie, however, will introduce quite a few iconic characters that have never been seen on the big or small screen before. And because of that, there will be a heightened sense of reality that was all but abandoned by director Christopher Nolan's more realistic and grounded approach with the Dark Knight trilogy. This version will see King Shark and Killer Croc walking around, out in the open, in all their comic book glory. That's something that makes this particular DC Comics movie stand apart from what we've seen in recent years, with the exception of some of the crazy aliens witnessed in the 2011 bomb Green Lantern.

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