This October, we're introduced to a different kind of vampire in the first trailer for the horror comedy Summer of Blood. It brings a unique twist to the horror genre we're pretty sure you've never seen before.

Writer/director Onur Tukel turns in a hilarious performance as the monumentally lazy, socially oblivious and commitment-shy Erik Sparrow, who is dumped by his career-woman girlfriend when he rejects her rather charitable marriage proposal. Feeling lost, he turns to a disastrous string of online dates that successively eat away at his already-deteriorating confidence until a lanky vampire turns him into an undead ladykiller.

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Soon, Eric is prowling the streets of Brooklyn in search of anything to satisfy both his maniacal sex drive and his hunger for blood. A collision of absurd, self-deprecating wit and existential curiosity, Summer of Blood is a hilarious horror-comedy with a clever bite all its own.

Are you ready for the vampire genre to get twisted? Take a look at this first footage which comes along with a new poster. In select theaters and on VOD starting October 17!

Summer of Blood Poster