If you missed it, WWE and Arrow star Stephen Amell have shared a great account of what happened on WWE's Monday Night RAW last night. The CW star finally made his appearance in the ring. And it was exactly what fans had been expecting. These electrifying moments will be remembered in the WWE Hall of Fame. Stephen Amell and WWE Superstar Stardust have been engaged in a heated Twitter War for quite sometime, and last night it appeared to pay off.

Stephen Amell is a huge WWE fan, claiming he's been a fantastic since it was called the WWF. He's basically been begging the WWE to let him participate in some capacity. On this last edition of Monday Night RAW, he finally got his wish. He was allowed to be a guest. And the build-up and insults leading to his bought with Stardust were very intense.

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Stardust automatically spotted Stephen Amell as he walked into the auditorium. The sparkly blue villain silently taunted the 'TV actor'. Then he took a cheap shot, punching Oliver Queen right in the face. In a heated fit of rage, Stephen Amell threw his baseball cap to the ground and went flying into the ring after him. He managed to pull off a few great moves, pummeling Stardust for a few glorious seconds. But security was quick to react and had Amell out of the ring before he could inflict much damage.

Stardust managed to escape, but he was flabbergasted, and out of breath. Stephen Amell was shaking with anger, dripping with sweat. He told security that he wasn't going to cause any more problems. He was 'cool'. That didn't stop them from escorting him out of the ring. The announcers decided that TV's Arrow had let his anger get the best of him. And it wasn't polite guest behavior. Though, to be fair, Stardust did get in the first punch.

Following the commercial break, Triple H confronted Stephen Amell backstage. The CW celebrity was told off. He was out of line. Stardust would be handled by those in the WWE, not by the actor himself. But Stephen Amell already had his plea planned out. He wants to join Neville (aka The Red Arrow) in the ring to face off against Stardust. Yes, Stephen Amell demanded a rematch in the ring!

The actor demanded that Triple H have the papers written up, that he'd sign 'whatever'. Triple H was quick to dismiss the angry man as 'just an actor'. Stephen Amell replied with one of the great WWE comebacks of this year, stating the following.

"I'm an actor, but i'm also a man. If he's going to put his hands on me, I'm going to fight back!"

So, the stage is set. Assuming everything can be worked out, Stephen Amell and Neville will be taking on Stardust and Barrett at SummerSlam in exactly 2 weeks. The event happens August 23, 2015, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. While Stephen Amell wasn't in his Arrow costume for last night's appearance, it is not yet known if it will be Oliver Queen or Stephen Amell stepping into the ring. But it will still be exciting. Check out all of the video and photos from last night!

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