Brock Otterbacher directs Jeff Wiesen, Tim Hansen, Katy Foley and Debbie Kagy in the thrilling new short Summon, with music from MovieWeb's very own Brian Balchack. We have the first teaser trailer for this occult masterpiece. Check it out!

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"No one knows where it came from, but the first recorded use of it is from the journal of one James Mason, who, in the late nineteen century, documented the numerous times he tried to summon the spirit of his dead wife. While each time he felt a contactor, he reported stranger and stranger occurrences happening in his house. Until one day...He just disappeared. At this point, he'd become a recluse, so no one noticed he was missing until about a year later, when someone thought to check in on him. It was clear that he'd been in the middle of some sort of ritual. There was all kinds of occult paraphernalia lying about, including this spirit orb, which seemed to be at the center of everything. Do you want to know how they knew he disappeared?"