And they say actors aren't anything but props with emotions. Earlier today, a group of unknown thespians turned Park City upside down as a cyber attack hit the Sundance Box Office. This coincided with a massive internet outage at the famed film festival.

The Park City internet outage coincided with the temporary halting of ticket purchases at the Sundance Film Festival, which threw the famed event for quite an unexpected loop. Deadline reports that the cyber attack happened this morning and was carried out by a number of actors who have gone unnamed. The Sundance orginization addressed the problem via a number of tweets. They vowed that the attack would not stop the festival from carrying on as planned. Said festival organizers.

"Our artist's voices will be heard and the show will go on."

The ticket system was reportedly restored just 45 minutes after the attack. The internet outage stretched further though, with main street and all its shops and businesses being effected. At the time of the initial report, all attendees and patrons of the festival are being asked to pay cash at all establishments. But that has become a major problem, as most of the ATMs are also shut down. At this time, there is no update on when Internet access will be restored.

It isn't known if the Internet outage is tied to the cyber attack. The motive for the hack has not been discovered or announced at this time. The hack happened shorty after Chelsea Handler kicked off the Woman's March in Park City. The march is currently ongoing in dozens of major cities across the U.S. in protest of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The Sundance Film Festival kicked off in Park City, Utah on January 19 and goes until January 29.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange