Local West Virginian TV station WTOV9 is reporting that the highly-anticipated J.J. Abrams' movie Super 8 is preparing to shoot in Weirton, West Virginia. The town's Marland Heights Community Church is being converted into a school for the production, and it was also reported that another church is being converted into a police station. The TV station's website also provided what appears to be the first plot details of the film:

"It's a movie about a train wreck in a 1970s steel town -- focusing on how the community comes together to heal, according to sources."

It was also reported that Super 8 will be filming in Weriton during the fourth week of September. You can CLICK HERE for the full article, which also includes a video that shows some early production artwork.

In other news, Unfiction has discovered a new viral site HookLineAndMinker.com for Super 8. The site is run by "Josh Minker," who is speculated to be the main character of the movie.