The Super 8 viral website Scariest Thing I Ever Saw has released some intriguing new images from the J.J. Abrams' thriller, which appear to be ID cards from the Nellis Air Force Base, an actual base just outside of Las Vegas. Here are the photos below. You can read further for more information:

Super 8 ID Card Photo #1
Super 8 ID Card Photo #2
Super 8 ID Card Photo #3
Super 8 ID Card Photo #4

When visiting the Scariest Thing I Ever Saw, follow a few simple commands to get to this DAT file database, where you can actually print these cards out on your printer. The files are RSOA01.DAT, RSOA02.DAT, RSOA03.DAT and RSOA04.DAT. Just enter the command .PRINT with any of the file names (without the .DAT) and these images will print out.

It isn't clear what these ID cards' connection to the movie are as of yet, but we'll be sure to keep you posted with any further viral tidbits regarding Super 8 as soon as we have that information.