This year's Super Bowl is gearing up to be one of the biggest in terms of new movie trailers. We're getting a sneak peek at some of 2018's biggest releases next Sunday, during the big game. And if football isn't really your thing, you're still going to want to tune in, otherwise you'll miss the first footage from Cloverfield 3 and a fresh look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, not to mention quite a few others.

There has been a lot of buzz swirling around Cloverfield 3. The movie was supposed to come out last year from Paramount Pictures, but has constantly been delayed. It currently has a spring release date, with news that the sci-fi thriller is going straight to Netflix. It's rumored that Netflix will announce their acquisition of the property during the Super Bowl, along with an exclusive streaming date as it bypasses theaters altogether. Last year, Netflix used their Super Bowl airtime to show the first footage from Stranger Things 2.

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Cloverfield 3, which was at one time called God Particle, was directed by Julius Onah, and moves the anthology series into outer space on a station in the cosmos, where several astronauts have to deal with a new monstrous threat. The cast includes Elizabeth Debicki, Daniel Bruhl, Gugu Mbatha Raw, Chris O'Dowd, Ziyi Zhang and David Oyelowo. The movie was going to open April 20. But it sounds like Netflix wants to release it sooner than that.

Universal is going to have a big presence during the game, as they release the second trailer for Jurassic World 2. They will also be showing off the first-ever footage from The Rock's Skyscraper. It's suspected that both movies will not just have one long trailer, but instead show off multiple interconnecting spots, each with new footage.

As previously announced by Tom Cruise on social media, Paramount is putting all its Super Bowl money into Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The action sequel is still shooting in London, and we won't be getting a full trailer. This will be a 30-second spot showing off Cruise's big stunt, where he hangs off a helicopter. John Krasinski's horror thriller A Quiet Place will also be getting airtime during the game.

Disney and Marvel aren't sitting this one out, even though Black Panther has already been heavily promoted and is expected to break quite a few box office records when it arrives next month. T'Challa is part of the Lexus campaign, with Disney and the car company already unleashing their extended spot online, with a 30-second edition to premiere during the game. No other plans have been announced yet, but it is expected that they will also be dropping an Infinity War trailer. The big question is whether or not Disney will finally show off the first footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Many believe they will, but they haven't given fans even a promotional still yet, and the movie is just four months away from release.

It is expected that Disney will also drop trailers for its two upcoming family movies A Wrinkle in Time and The Incredibles 2. There's even a chance that Mary Poppins might pop in for a visit. But none of these have been officially confirmed just yet according to Deadline.

As for now, it's being reported that Warner Bros., Sony and Fox are all sitting this one out, the biggest disappointment being that there won't be any trailers for Deadpool 2 or X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The Super Bowl price tag is running at about $5M for a 30-second spot during the actual game, with prices lower in the televised programing leading up to the big battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, airing Sunday, February 4 at 3:30 pm on NBC.