Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude change up their iconic drinks in favor of a beer in a new Super Bowl commercial. Sarah Jessica Parker is back as her Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw character and Jeff Bridges, as previously teased, is back as The Dude from The Big Lebowski. Bridges hinted that a big Super Bowl commercial was on the way when he posted a short teaser last week. Fans had no idea what it was about, but it was clear that it had to do with the big game, which airs this Sunday.

Sex and the City fans have been waiting to see Sarah Jessica Parker back as Carrie Bradshaw for years. Sex and the City 3 has been put in limbo after it was revealed that Kim Cattrall has zero interest of returning with the rest of the cast. It appears that she and Sarah Jessica Parker have some bad blood. However, that seems to be behind Parker as she is back and ordering a Stella Artois instead of her trusty cosmopolitan, leading the restaurant to go into shock, which causes some broken dishes.

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When Jeff Bridges released a teaser for the commercial last week, we saw The Dude walking through a restaurant over some broken dishes. We now know that those dishes were broken because Carrie Bradshaw skipped her normal drink and traded it for a Stella. The Dude, as shown in The Big Lebowski, famously loves his White Russians, so the bar is shocked once more when he orders a Stella Artois. Bridges adds a nice touch of purposely pronouncing the name of the beer wrong, which seems exactly like something The Dude would do.

While Sex and the City and The Big Lebowski fans may be bummed to learn that this is all for a Super Bowl commercial, it's that time of year, and it's to be expected. The Coen Brothers aren't going to make a sequel, so we should be happy that we get to see Jeff Bridges back as The Dude at all. And the same thing goes for Sex and the City fans. The third movie seems like it's toast currently, so instead, we get to see Carrie Bradshaw drink a beer with The Dude.

Carrie Bradshaw meeting The Dude is a pretty odd idea, but it works out really well in the Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial. We get a tease of the Sex and the City theme song along with a tease of Bob Dylan's "The Man in Me" as The Dude struts into the restaurant. While we don't know exactly who came up with the clever idea to bring Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges together, we can assume that they both got a pretty big chunk of cash to come on board and reprise those characters. You can watch the Super Bowl commercial featuring Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude below, thanks to the Stella Artois YouTube channel.