Super Mario Monopoly and Jenga are heading to retailers this summer in honor of the iconic video game's 35th anniversary. The new games will celebrate the history of Super Mario Bros. from the original Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge to the present on the Nintendo Switch. The news comes after it was announced that LEGO had partnered with the video game giant on an NES console set, which has fans pretty excited, to put it lightly.

Monopoly Super Mario and the Jenga games will hit the shelves on August 1st. The Monopoly game features Princess Peach's castle, Toad houses, and other elements of the classic Super Mario Bros. franchise that take the places of the traditional homes and hotels. Like a lot of the newer Monopoly games hitting the shelves lately, the Super Mario edition features an electronic element in the form of a question mark box, which, when hit, "can change a player's luck." The game will sell for $30 and can handle anywhere from 2 to 6 players. The game looks a lot more original than the previously released Mario Kart edition.

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Jenga Super Mario takes a new approach to the classic wooden block game. The game, which costs $20 is made for 2 to 4 players. Players can be Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad, as they battle to beat Bowser at the top. Jenga Players will also collect coins along the way, which is a Super Mario Bros. staple. A spinner will determine how far a player can move up the tower during a turn, while also adding other new elements to the game that are exclusive to the Super Mario edition. These game sets are certainly a lot cheaper than the $229 LEGO set.

In addition to the new games, it is believed that Nintendo is secretly working on a set of remastered old Super Mario Bros. games for the Nintendo Switch. This has not been officially confirmed by the company, but there is plenty of evidence floating around pointing to an announcement in the coming days. If that wasn't enough, the long-awaited Paper Mario: The Origami King comes out this week. The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. sounds like it's already been pretty special for long-time Nintendo fans and we still don't have all of the details at this time.

Last week, a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for a record breaking $114,000, making it the highest price for a sealed video game sold at an auction in history. The previous record holder was the same game, back in 2019, though it did not have the rare "hang tabs." Even after all of these years, Nintendo is still making waves with the famous plumber and his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. As of this writing, the games are not up for pre-order on the official Hasbro website just yet, but that should change soon. In the meantime, you can check out some images of the Monopoly and Jenga games below.

Super Mario Monopoly #1
Super Mario Monopoly #2
Super Mario Jenga #1
Super Mario Jenga #2