Nintendo released some new footage of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. game, the hotly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch console last week and it's by far the best looking Super Mario game to date. But never mind the awesome graphics and incredible gameplay. Fans are too preoccupied with a still picture from the game that depicts a topless Mario running on the beach, wearing trunks and nothing else with his man nipples on full display as prominently as his mustache. Super Mario fans are losing their minds over Nintendo's decision to have Mario's nips present in the video game.

The picture was unveiled by Nintendo of America's Twitter page and it features some excellent graphics that give us our first real look at the plumber's areolas. Many assumed that we would see Princess Peach's bare chest first, but Mario has beaten her by publicly joining the free the nipple movement. The inclusion of Mario's nipples in Super Mario Odyssey has caused quite a stir on social media as fans figure out how to process what they just saw.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding Mario's nips as Link from the Legend of Zelda was pictured topless for the first time ever and he does not have nips. Nintendo seems to be playing fast and loose with the anatomy of some of their biggest stars and people are losing their minds. If that weren't enough, fans are outraged that Mario has nipples and Link does not, which is not fair. A petition is being made to update the latest Legend of Zelda game to include nipples for Link.

Petitions are going around and the Twitter is on fire over the realization that Mario has nipples. One fan even set up a Twitter account called "Mario's Nipples" and refers to Mario's chesticles as "Goombas of the chest" while Twitter user, GoNintendoTweet, had this to say.

"Upon further inspection, Mario has been shirtless before...but DIDN'T HAVE NIPPLES. He GREW nipples for Odyssey. Story of the CENTURY."

Another fan pointed out that Mario has lost some weight over the years since he stopped plumbing while quite a few people expected Mario to be rocking some pretty epic man-boobs under his overalls.

You obviously can't please everybody, so there is a faction of fans that are pretty upset that Mario is being subjected to body-shaming. Those particular fans believe that Mario's nipples aren't a joke and that the body-shaming trend just got a whole lot bigger once it started involving fictional video game characters. It is not clear if Nintendo is going to go back and place nipples on all of their topless male characters, but they should probably start with Yoshi next, since a male dinosaur with nips would be pretty darn cool. It is also unclear as to whether or not Mario's nipples have some kind of super power, like spraying breast milk on enemies or shooting fireballs from them in a hands-free manner. Check out some of the outrage over Mario's nips below.