The SNES Classic officially went up for pre-order yesterday and in typical Nintendo fashion, it was a disaster. The news comes after Walmart accidentally put the coveted mini game system up for pre-order early due to a "glitch" in their system. Fans were able to pay and order through Walmart, but a few days later, every single order was canceled via an email message from the corporate Walmart headquarters. The SNES Classic is unofficially limited edition with production to cease early next year, but it is not clear just how many the legendary gaming company has decided to produce this time around.

The online pre-order frenzy started at 1 AM Eastern Time (yes, while you were asleep) when the pre-orders went live on Amazon and Best Buy. Crashing servers, unnecessary questions, add on items, and other factors slowed the process to a crawl before they were completely sold out in 30 minutes. Now this would all be fine if it had been announced to anyone that the preorders were going to go live that late at night, but nobody knew. Not one email went out to announce the pre-sale, so word of mouth spread like wildfire until they were all gone.

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Yahoo News reports that many fans are really, really angry about the secret launch of SNES Classic. It appears as if Nintendo is trying really hard to make the little retro system incredibly hard to get, which echoes the disastrous launch of the NES Classic last year when nobody could get their hands on one unless they dropped 4 times the original value on eBay or Craigslist from opportunists waiting to gouge fans. The NES Classic was recently discontinued and prices have continued to skyrocket on the secondhand market.

All hope was lost until Nintendo announced that Gamestop and Target were going to launch presales later in the day. Server issues and other factors led to even more angry customers. To add insult to injury, Gamestop sells the SNES Classic in bundles that inflates the price an extra $50, basically pulling an eBay maneuver on its customers, which should anger fans to no end. Gamestop is doing the same thing with the Nintendo Switch, to capitalize on the popularity of the product they bundle it with a bunch of unnecessary crap because they know that people will pay for it.

Nintendo's production woes aren't limited to their new tiny retro systems appealing to gamer nostalgia. The Wii was a similar disaster when it launched, but systems were able to be found a few months after release, which has not been the case with the recently "released" Switch console. The Switch supposedly came out in March of this year, but good luck finding someone who actually owns the console. Good luck getting your hands on an SNES Classic at the original retail value when they go on sale September 29th. In the meantime, check out some angry fan responses to Nintendo below courtesy of Twitter.