Nintendo had a rough few years with the disaster that was the Wii U. But with the Nintendo Switch currently killing it and the NES Classic Edition becoming one of the most coveted items for gamers last year, it's safe to say the house that Mario built is back where they need to be. The SNES Classic looks to continue that hot streak next month. The 90s was really the time to be a Nintendo fan and the company seems to understand that, as evidenced by this awesome new trailer for the upcoming SNES Classic Edition, which shows off some truly amazing features that are going to be included with the system.

Nintendo dropped the new trailer for the SNES Classic Edition online, just as many retailers began officially taking pre-orders for the system. Many gamers would rather not think about the Wal-Mart debacle that forced many eager fans to surrender a pre-order they had secured prematurely. Despite that frustration, and the frustration many may feel in trying to get their hands on one of these once they hit shelves, this trailer is enough to make any Nintendo fan super excited. Or really, any fan of 90s pop culture in general.

The trailer simply smells of the 90s from the very first frame, which looks reminiscent of countless commercials for toys from that decade. They even managed to work the word radical into the mix without it feeling forced. The 90s nostalgia is fun and appropriate, since that is when the Super Nintendo was introduced, but it is the features showcased in this trailer that make the trailer well worth your time.

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For one, we get a good look at the more than 20 games that Nintendo is going to pre-load onto every SNES Classic Edition. Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Kart and many more are featured here. What is perhaps most exciting is that this console is going to include the never-before-released Starfox 2. That is something Nintendo fans are definitely going to want to get the chance to play. What's more is that users are going to be able to save their game at any time. And, perhaps the most interesting feature is the ability to rewind. That could make beating this games a little easier and will also allow for some great multiplayer trash talking.

The SNES Classic Edition is going to hit shelves on September 29 and will retail for $79.99. However, if you don't get one via pre-order, it may be tough to get one at all and you may end up having to pay a lot more for it in the end. That's great for Nintendo and could mean good things for those who are hoping for a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, which may already be in the works. We're also getting Atari and Sega Genesis classics soon. Be sure to check out the trailer for the NES Classic Edition for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott