The pre-order party for the SNES Classic is officially over after Walmart "accidentally" made the pre-order screen live late last week. The disappointing news comes after Nintendo announced the miniature classic edition of their first 16-bit system at the end of June to a rabid response from fans. Nintendo also recently revealed that they have discontinued NES Classic, which was impossible to find after it was officially released in late 2016, leading to many people paying 2 to 3 times its retail value on the good ol' secondary market.

It appears as if the SNES Classic is about to follow the same pattern as the NES Classic and the recently released Nintendo Switch. Walmart surprised everybody last week by showing a pre-order screen for the new system and word spread like wildfire, leading to a bunch of sales and very happy consumers. But that all changed yesterday when Walmart started sending out emails to everybody that had pre-ordered through their website, stomping nostalgia and childhood memories into dust. It is not clear at this time just how many people pre-ordered through Walmart, but one can imagine that it was a whole lot.

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Twitter and social media began to blow up as the Walmart email began to spread. Wario64's Twitter is just one of the thousands sharing the email. The email blames a "technical glitch" that made the SNES Classic available last Friday and has since canceled all orders while refunding credit cards. Walmart customer service representatives started to clarify (sort of) that the SNES Classic "was not scheduled to be displayed" and was "released too soon." Making matters worse, Nintendo has neither confirmed nor denied if the systems will be "limited edition" like the NES Classic unintentionally became, but with Nintendo's supply track record lately you can guarantee that the SNES Classic is going to be ridiculously hard to get. However, Nintendo has announced that the SNES Classic will only be produced until the end of 2017, almost guaranteeing mass hysteria all over again.

Nintendo launched pre-orders for the miniature system overseas, which will be a region specific device in terms of the design, but official news for a North American pre-sale have yet to be announced. The SNES Classic is set to hit stores on September 29th, 2017 along with insane lines and Craigslist flippers looking to charge insane amounts of money to fans desperate to get their hands on it. Hopefully an official North American pre-sale is announced soon, but there's no guarantee that Nintendo will even offer one.

Nintendo's latest console the Switch was launched in March of this year and is still hard to get in stores, almost guaranteeing that the SNES Classic will be near impossible to obtain in stores on the day of launch. If preorders are offered, take advantage or go make friends with the dudes at Gamestop and Target because this will sell out. One difference from the NES Classic is that the designs are region specific for the SNES Classic, which may lead to more consoles being released in North America than last time since it'll have its own design. There have been rumors that we'll be getting a Nintendo 64 Classic console soon as well. Pre-orders for Atari and Sega Genesis Classics were announced earlier this month. But who knows what's really up at this point. You can read the entire Walmart email below if you haven't already received one from the company.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick