The Super Nintendo World attraction was announced by Universal Studios Japan back in May of 2015, and now construction has officially started. Universal Studios released a 32 second teaser video via the Universal Japanese YouTube channel and it makes one wonder why this hasn't already happened. The signature attraction within Super Nintendo World will be the previously reported Mario Kart ride, which is sure to be a huge hit for fans of all ages. Universal Studios is reportedly treating the new themed land with the same care and money that went into the massively popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The new Super Nintendo theme park is located in Osaka, Japan and is scheduled to launch in 2020 to coincide with the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The trailer video is mostly done in Mario CGI, but does show fans entering in a "pipe" to warp into the world to meet Mario. There appears to be a center to the new attraction with Bowser's castle, protected by Piranha Plants clearly visible along with Princess Peach's castle as well. The graphics for the trailer are done in the Super Mario Galaxy style and it does a good job of showing off the possibilities of what we can expect.

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The other new video shared today shows the official groundbreaking ceremony and it features somebody in a Mario costume jumping over Goombas side scrolling style. Universal Studios Japan C.E.O. J.L. Bonnier promises (while wearing oversized Mario gloves and hat) a "complete and immersive experience" and also revealed that in addition to the two layers of attractions, that there will also be restaurants and retail shops for fans to spend some cash in. Nintendo Maestro Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Mario and other Nintendo classics was also on hand to celebrate the occasion, sharing his excitement. The ceremony concluded with bursts of confetti firing from pipes while piranha plants swayed in the background.

It's an interesting time for Nintendo at the moment. The Wii U was seen as a missed opportunity and some even deemed it a failure due to a lack of games and a lack of a system overhaul from the Wii. It was basically a Nintendo Wii with a giant gamepad that mostly did away with the revolutionary motion controls utilized in the Wii. Nintendo's recent release of their Switch has had mostly positive reviews due to the long awaited Zelda launch title, which fans had been waiting 5 years for. The next Mario title that comes out for the Switch is entitled Super Mario Odyssey and it features Mario's adventure on earth, and it will be released on December 31st, 2017.

It is unclear when Universal Studios will be bringing Super Nintendo World to the United States, but it is safe to say that it will be long after the 2020 launch in Japan. Regardless, excitement is already in full swing now that construction has started and the idea of playing real-life Mario Kart is almost a reality. Hopefully they deliver on the promise of a full immersive experience because what they're promising looks ridiculously cool. Check out the trailer and groundbreaking ceremony below.