It seems that we may finally get a sequel to Broken Lizard's breakthrough comedy in the near future. Movie Cutlists recently spoke to the Broken Lizard troupe, who were promoting their latest film The Slammin' Salmon, and they revealed that a sequel to their 2002 comedy hit Super Troopers is making progress.

"We have the financing," Chandrasekhar said. "So we're going to try to make a deal with Fox."

"We're like, three drafts into it," Lemme added. "It's funny, because we have an independent financier - we have a lot of independent financiers - who are like, 'Give us that fucking movie.' And we're like, 'We will, we will but we have to go through a studio first.' But it's a great thing to go to a studio and say, 'We have the money.'"

The guys also revealed that the movie, which will take place where the first one left off, will have a role for Captain O'Hagan, the character played by Brian Cox in the original - and that Cox would be back.

"Oh, yeah. Yep. He'll be in it," Chandrasekhar said. "I mean, he loved [the first one]. He loved it."

CLICK HERE to read more of the site's piece. Broken Lizard's new film The Slammin' Salmon will hit theaters on December 11.