It's been nearly 20 years, but the "Mustache Rides Again" for Broken Lizard's Super Troopers 2 and now we have 2 brand-new posters to gaze upon. The sequel has been talked about since the first movie came out in 2001 and now, after one of the most successful crowd fundings in history, it's almost time to see the boys back in action and riding a giant bald eagle, as one of the posters shows. The news of the posters follows the first footage that was released over the summer and the full-length trailer that was released earlier this year.

The first of the new posters features the gang riding on the back of a giant (or maybe they've shrank?) bald eagle while they're posed with a giant American Flag. The second of the two posters shows the boys standing in front of a cop car on the road, looking as tough as they possibly can. The Broken Lizard crew looks a little older than they did in the first movie, but that was almost 20 years ago, and it looks like they're back to take on the Canadian Mounties.

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For fans that are worried about the movie being a complete rehash of the original, the footage released seems to do a good job of clever callbacks instead of outright repeats of the same gags over and over. Broken Lizard has worked on Super Troopers 2 for years and they've had the time to perfect what fans were funding during their IndieGoGo campaign that raised over $4 million dollars and doubled their budget. The campaign raised 73 percent of their goal within 26 hours and was fully funded in less than 2 full days.

It was announced back in March of 2015 that Fox Search Light had given the Broken Lizard crew the green light to make the movie, but they had to secure funding on their own. That appears to have been the easy part for Super Troopers 2. "Thorny" Ramathorn (Jay Chandrasekhar), "Rabbit" Roto (Erik Stolhanske) "Rod" Farva (Kevin Heffernan) and Mac (Steve Lemme) are all back for the movie along with some new faces and cameo reprisals. Some of the newcomers featured in Super Troopers 2 are Rob Lowe and Emmanuelle Chriqui, with French-Canadian accents as well as Will Sasso and Fred Savage.

Super Troopers 2 opens on the very appropriate date of April 20th, unless they decide to pull a Marvel and release the movie one week earlier. But it's pretty safe to say that won't end happening with Broken Lizard. It's going to be interesting to see how the movie does at the box office since the boys financed it on their own without the help of the studio. The wait is finally almost over and while you wait, you can check out the brand-new posters for Super Troopers 2 below, thanks to Jay Chandrasekhar's Twitter account.