Superbad came out 10 years ago this weekend and has gone on to become a true modern comedy classic. The movie did really well at the box office, but it has really taken on a life of its own in the years since its release. The movie was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who have become quite the duo in Hollywood these days. In honor of the movie's 10th anniversary, Rogen took to Twitter to reveal some pretty surprising facts about Superbad. For one, it was the first movie to ever use a particular curse word.

Seth Rogen revealed several things about Superbad on Twitter recently, but no doubt, one of the most hilarious is that the movie actually has a strange claim to fame. According to him, the MPAA said that they were the first movie to ever use the term "fingerf&%k" in a movie. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"During the MPAA screenings of Superbad they said we were the first movie to say 'fingerf&%k".

That's probably not the kind of thing that will get you in the Guinness Book of World Records, but it is something to hang your hat on. If you're Seth Rogen, anyway. Superbad did use the F-word nearly 200 times, so it stands to reason they would throw some variations in there. As for the name Superbad? That isn't something that Rogen can take credit for. It is actor David Krumholtz, who you may know as Lavash from Sausage Party and had a bit part in Superbad, who came up with the name.

"My good friend @mrDaveKrumholtz came up with the title Superbad while we were smoking weed at the oakwood."

In addition to being one of the most memorable comedies of the last decade, Superbad also made stars of many of its cast members. Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse all broke out in the movie. Not to mention Emma Stone, who is now an Oscar-winning actress for her work in La La Land. But the movie was also adjacently connected to someone who is a superstar for less than pleasant reasons. According to Seth Rogen, the house party scene was filmed very near the O.J. Simpson murder house.

"The end house party in Superbad was filmed about half a block from the OJ murder house."

Superbad made $169 million at the box office and remains one of Seth Rogen's best and most memorable movies to date. 10 years removed, we are probably a little beyond the point where doing a sequel would make any sense, so that is kind of a bummer. Superbad 2 is merely a pipedream, but some things are best left alone. At least we now know that the movie was the first to use a graphic curse word in a movie. Bravo, Seth Rogen.