The Matrix: Reloaded: New images are online at the official site for the long awaited sequel to 1999's The Matrix.

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In addition, Filmjerk is reporting that a 30 second spot has been locked in by Warner Bros. to air a new Matrix: Reloaded trailer:

Studio sources have confirmed to that a 30-second teaser for the next installment of “The Matrix” franchise will premiere at this year’s Super Bowl. When the original teaser debuted at the 1999 event, it was heralded as the breakout winner among the films competing—no one had heard of it before that time. Look for the teaser here to ratchet up awareness as well, and stroke a fervent fanbase.

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider & The Cradle Of Life: Over 30 new images are online at Tomb Raider Chronicles! CLICK HERE

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Some new images from TTT are now online. Access the navigation to the right...CLICK HERE

Cat In The Hat:Coming Soon! has scored a great new image of Mike Meyers in full make-up! CLICK HERE

Ginger Snaps 2:Creature Corner has the very first look at the model for the werewolf which will star in the sequel to Ginger Snaps! CLICK HERE

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines:T3Nexus hit up the LA Auto show last week where vehicles from Terminator 3 were on display. On the last day of the event fans were treated to some extra special footage included into the T3 trailer.

Check out T3Nexus for a full description of the trailer. CLICK HERE

The Last Samurai:The BBC is reporting some troubles going on on the set of Tom Cruise's next film, The Last Samurai:

Tom Cruise's latest project, The Last Samurai, has been hit by controversy after sections of the Maori community said sacred sites have been desecrated during filming. Others claimed they should be paid compensation for the use of images of their sacred mountain, Mount Taranaki, which will feature in the film.

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Tales From The Crapper: Fan favorite, Troma, is working on a new production according to Fangoria:

The tastemakers at Troma are, um, deep into production on their latest opus, the anthology feature TALES FROM THE CRAPPER. The movie features Lloyd Kaufman as the Crap Keeper in segments he is directing, in which he introduces a pair of terror tales directed by David Paiko and Brian Spitz, both written by Mark Adams. One is about a killer mantis from outer space, the other involves stripper vampires; the cast includes Julie Strain and her husband, comics creator Kevin Eastman, Arban Ornelas, Debbie Rochon and Isabelle Stephen.

Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban: Alfonso Cuaron talked with the Hollywood Reporter about what to expect for the 3rd Potter film:

"I don't know if 'dark' is the word for it because there's a great deal of humor (in the third tale). I would say that rather than going into darker territory, it goes into more emotional territory. Because the characters are a little bit more grown up, the experience is completely different. In the first two books, the fear was outside, like a boogie man. But here, the fear comes from inside. When you're 13, you stop believing in the boogie man and start dealing with the monsters inside".

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