Last month, comic book creator Mark Millar revealed that an unnamed Spanish director is attached to direct Supercrooks, an adptation of his upcoming comic book series. Today it was revealed that the Spanish director is none other than Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes).

It isn't known if Nacho Vigalondo will write the screenplay adaptation for Supercrooks, or when production might start. Mark Millar could not be reached for comment on the story, but here's what he had to say last month about the story of Supercrooks.

"We will probably be making the comic book at the same time as the movie. The idea behind it is that a bunch of supervillains get together and say, 'You know what, we keep getting beat by the superheroes. We always end up in prison. This is terrible no matter what we try to do. Let's go to a country where they don't have any superheroes, and then we can kick ass.' So they leave America and head over to Europe where there are no superheroes, and it's like Ocean's Eleven' meets the X-Men' where seven supervillains head to Europe to pull the biggest job of their career where there are no supervillains to stop them."

It seems Mark Millar is employing the same tactic he used with Kick-Ass, developing both the comic book and the movie at the same time. It isn't known when the Supercrooks comic book will be published.