If anything, Supergirl is more connected to the original 1978 Superman, a story that was continued in 2006's Superman Returns. And it does not exist in the same universe as this spring's epic blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So the show is getting to have some fun with the iconic DC superhero. The latest trailer for this week's upcoming episode even teases the return of Kara Zor-El's more famous cousin. But will we ever really get to see his face?

Superman probably won't have much of a presence in the all-new episode Fight or Flight. But the plot is directly tied to his legacy. In this next installment, Supergirl's powers are tested when Reactron, one of Superman's formidable enemies, arrives in National City and targets the young hero. Also happening? Cat plans to run an expose on Supergirl. And Peter Facinelli guest stars as tech entrepreneur Maxwell Lord.

Not only do we have this trailer for Episode 3, we also have two clips. The first shows Cat (Calista Flockhart) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) having a chat in a secluded area. Supergirl is hesitant to show her face. But when the word Superman gets mentioned, you can tell it strikes a nerve. Of course, coming face-to-face with her assistant, Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant doesn't realize who she's really talking to. She is more star struck to learn that Kara is actually Superman's cousin.

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The second clip introduces us to Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord. He has a gift for National City. He wants to bestow clean, affordable transportation upon its citizens. But his speech is interrupted by the arrival of Reactron. This menacing foe easily takes out Lord's security team. The villain reveals he is looking for someone with a background in nuclear fission. He goes to kidnap one of the scientists, but Maxwell stops him, offering up his own services instead.

Not only do we have all this great video, we also have the first photos from Episode 5: Livewire. Kara's Thanksgiving may be ruined when she suspects her foster mother, Dr. Danvers (Helen Slater), who is coming to town, disapproves of her new role as a superhero. Also, when an accident transforms a volatile CatCo employee into the villainous Livewire, she targets Cat and Supergirl. Have you been watching? Take a look at what promises to be two great episodes.

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