Warner Bros. Pictures already has a great deal of DC movies on their slate, from Shazam to Batgirl, and Birds of Prey to Green Lantern Corps. According to a new report, yet another movie has been added to this line-upe, as a Supergirl movie is now in the works, with Oren Uziel working on the script.

Five years ago, the announcement of a Supergirl movie would've felt completely out of left field, as she was barely a C-List hero for DC. At the time, Supergirl was generally only seen as a Superman rip-off than her own unique character. However, since the Supergirl series started in 2015, more audiences have come to appreciate Supergirl for how unique of a hero she is. Though she may have started off as a Superman rip-off, she has become a lot more unique as a character, and more and more fans are starting to appreciate this. Though this revelation that Warner Bros. is planning a Supergirl movie does still seem a bit shocking, it is truly the perfect time for them to start this project. Kara Zor-El is arguably at the peak of her popularity, so the time to give Supergirl her own big-budget, blockbuster movie is now or never.

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Currently, the only thing we really know about this upcoming Supergirl movie is that Oren Uziel is allegedly attached to write. Uziel has previously worked as a writer on The Cloverfield Paradox and 22 Jump Street, and is currently working on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat. While his previous work is a bit concerning, as both The Cloverfield Paradox and 22 Jump Street were major disappointments compared to their predecessors, perhaps Uziel will shape up during his upcoming projects in order to make Supergirl his best script yet.

Though it may be disappointing to a number of Arrowverse fans, the Supergirl movie will reportedly have no connection to the current TV series of the same name, which means that the movie probably won't feature Melissa Benoist. Instead, like the Flash, Supergirl will more than likely be recast and integrated into the rest of the DC Extended Universe. While it would be entertaining to see Benoist's Supergirl enter the rest of the DCEU, the tone of her show is a bit too bright and campy for the current movie franchise.

Supergirl previously received a movie back in 1984 with a $35 million budget. Unfortunately, the movie only managed to bring back $5 million at the box office simply due to lack of interest. Now that Supergirl is a much more popular character, perhaps it is time to put her back on the big screen, with an even larger budget this time as well.

It will be interesting to see how this movie progresses in the coming years. According to the report from Deadline, Oren Uziel is the only person attached to the project; it doesn't even have a producer yet. It would appear as though this movie is still several years out, so it will be quite a wait to see which actress will take the mantle of Supergirl next.