In what has been quite a weekend for DCEU fans, new set photos from The Flash have revealed close up shots of Sasha Calle in her full Supergirl costume, Michael Keaton on set as Bruce Wayne, and Ezra Miller arriving on set ready to play the lead role. In only a week we have gone from knowing very little about the movie to having more reveals each day as filming continued in London, England.

The Flash director Andy Muschietti released a tease of the new Supergirl costume around a week ago, and many fans expected it to be a while before they were given a glimpse of anything more, but over the weekend we were treated to some on set images of Calle's Supergirl suspended from a crane performing some flying scenes and now close up shots of the same which allowed us to see that much teased costume in all its glory.

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The photos taken on set show Sasha Calle both in the air and on the ground as the superhero, and the images instantly went viral, gaining praise from fans who have been eagerly awaiting this reveal for some weeks. With filming well underway it was always just a matter of time before some detailed shots became available and they certainly didn't disappoint when they arrived.

And the set photo reveals didn't end there. We have known for months that The Flash will feature not just Ben Affleck's Batman, but also predecessor Michael Keaton, and we were given a first glimpse of Keaton as Bruce Wayne. With images surfacing a few days ago suggesting Keaton had arrived in London for filming, these were the first shots of Keaton's older Wayne appearing in the movie. Not giving anything away about the plot of what was going on, it is still something that many fans of his Batman have wanted to see for a very long time.

And finally, we saw Ezra Miller arriving on set too. The shots taken show the actor alongside Kiersey Clemons in a scene at the same location as the Keaton shots were taken. While there have been no images of all of them together, we can rest assured that it will happen soon. It is also good to see the main gang starting to bond on what seems to be a sign of DC getting their act together after a more than dodgy start to their Extended DC Universe. Comic book movies tend to work so much better with more than one familiar face in them, as Marvel have proven time and time again with the hugely interwoven universe, and having a number of cross overs in The Flash, which will also include the title character's TV counterpart, is only hyping the movie more than if it was just the Scarlet Speedster on set.

It is clear to see that the movie is in full swing now, with only Affleck not spotted on set out of the main heroes, but as we don't exactly know how any of this fits together, it could be that his scenes are to come much later. Either way, we will see how all of this comes together when The Flash arrives in theaters November 4, 2022.