By the time they'll have ended their runs, Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl will probably have introduced every single character, both big and small, from the DC Comics world. We've seen plenty of heroes and villains on these three TV series already. Some iconic. Some obscure. But it looks like we're getting one of the most beloved villains from the Superman comics before Supergirl brings Season 1 to a close in 2016. Yes, Bizarro is coming to town.

Supergirl is currently enjoying its Winter hiatus. But when it returns, it will be in a big way. We're just a few short weeks away from seeing Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) once again protecting the great people of National City. And the second half of this CBS series is going to continue introducing one heck of a rogues gallery.

Already slated to appear over the course of the next few months are Toyman, who was announced even before the show premiered this past fall. And Silver Banshee. Now, Supergirl executive producer and writer Andrew Kreisberg has confirmed on Kevin Smith's Fat Man on Batman podcast that they are prepared to bring in one of the biggest baddies of all time. Here is his exact quote, which doesn't reveal too much beyond the fact that we'll get to see Bizarro in the flesh.

"We've got the Toyman coming up, we got Bizarro."

Bizarro was introduced during the Silver Age of comic books, and has a long and rich history in fighting Kal-El. He made his epic debut in Superboy #68, which arrived on shelves way back in 1958. The character is often portrayed as the twisted mirror image of Superman. He talks in opposites, and he has powers that are opposite of Metropolis' savior. Perhaps matched only by Lex Luthor in popularity, the character still has a strong presence in the DC Comic Book universe, and has appeared in various cartoons, television shows, comics, toys and video games.

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It isn't known which version of Bizarro will show up on Supergirl. Especially since the show hasn't allowed Superman to be seen outside of dark shadows. There have been a few different versions of Bizarro over the years, and there is even a Bizarro Supergirl. The modern day Bizarro Supergirl was introduced in the pages of the comic book as early as 2010. She is the backwards cousin of Bizarro and lives on Htrae, which is Earth spelled backwards. Bizarro Supergirl's powers are the opposite of Supergirl's, which includes rock vision instead of X-ray vision, and she can freeze Supergirl in stone.

Bizarro has never been portrayed as truly evil. The various incarnations are usually scared and unsure of their surroundings when they set out to cause trouble. It's in their nature to be the antithesis of whatever hero they mirror. With some coaxing, they can be convinced to use their powers for good.

With Supergirl focused primarily on Kara Zor-El, there's a big chance that Bizarro Supergirl will be the one making an appearance as opposed to the traditional Bizarro. The CBS superhero series has been casting for a young boy to play Superman in flashbacks. But it's doubtful that Bizarro will be utilized as part of this story thread. Also leading credence to the fact that we might be getting Bizarro Supergirl is the fact that the show plans to introduce more female superheroes. Whichever version we get, it's sure to be a grand addition to the show and its already health line-up of villains. What do you think? Supergirl returns to CBS on January 4, 2016.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange