Greg Berlanti appeared at The CW's TCA Winter Tour presentation to promote his shows Arrow and The Flash over the weekend, and he also shed some new light on his upcoming superhero series Supergirl on CBS. We reported last week that Supergirl will likely crossover with both Arrow and The Flash, since CBS co-owns The CW Network with Time Warner. During an interview with IGN, Greg Berlanti not only hinted at the possibilities of a crossover, he also teased that there should be a casting announcement soon, and that the show is closer in tone to The Flash.

When asked about the potential for Supergirl to crossover with Arrow and The Flash, Greg Berlanti wouldn't confirm any specific plans, stating that their focus is to make Supergirl a "great show" first.

"So much has to go right for us to be able to make a great show. Again, I think of myself as like if I were watching them, I would want to see [a crossover]. But we have to get so many things right to make a good show and so much of it is luck, unfortunately."

Of course, a crossover won't happen if Supergirl fails to get picked up as a series. And a lot of that depends on who will play Supergirl. We can definitely expect a casting announcement soon. Explains the producer:

"I hope you're going to hear about casting soon or we're not going to be able to make the pilot! I would say, tonally closer to Flash than Arrow. That's probably the best way to say it."

When asked to clarify if Supergirl will be "more romantic" Greg Berlanti had this to say, adding that both Supergirl and The Flash were killed in the comic book Crisis of Infinite Earth.

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"Well, the nature of the character is a bit, and who we have in her life and who we're surrounding her with. Also, tonally, I thought of those kind of characters as [strongly] DC Universe and I'm sure Geoff [Johns] would agree. And they both died in Crisis of Infinite Earths! So they're similar."

We reported earlier this month that British actress Gemma Atkinson is being eyed to play the title character, Kara Zor-el, who, in the DC Comics, is the cousin of Superman. While no one has been confirmed quite yet, Greg Berlanti had this to say about the challenges of the casting process.

"As with all these things, there's only one person, right? That's the thing. I can't imagine someone other than a lot of our actors playing these roles so I feel like you're always just looking for who's that person."

Greg Berlanti also spoke about the importance of creating a female-driven superhero TV show, something that audiences have been wanting for quite some time.

"That was really important to all of us when we set out on working on it and it was really important to DC and it was really important to the women I'm working on the show with and the women that work in the studio and the women that work at the network. In a lot of ways, I'm surrounded by more women on the project that could answer that question better."