While there are certainly no shortage of villains for Supergirl to do battle with in National City, her rogue's gallery is getting even bigger. Entertainment Tonight reports that Chasing Life star Italia Ricci has signed on to play DC Comics villain Siobhan Smythe, a.k.a Silver Banshee, in the hit CBS series. The actress will make her debut in the 14th episode of Supergirl's first season, which doesn't have an air date quite yet.

In the DC Comics, the character was born Siobhan McDougal, whose family was part of an ancient Gaelic clan that inhabited an island between Scotland and Ireland for thousands of years. After her father's death, she tried to take over the family clan by participating in a supernatural ritual, which was interrupted and sent her into an underworld. She was given new super powers by an entity known as The Crone, but demanded that she retrieve one of her father's occult books. Upon learning that her late father's collection was shipped to the United States, she arrived in Metropolis, where she clashed several times with Superman.

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It isn't known how much of this comic book back story will be used in Supergirl, but the Silver Banshee's powers include super-sonic screams that can kill anyone within range, along with superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility and an ability to to resist attacks. Italia Ricci will have a recurring role as Silver Banshee after debuting in Episode 14. Here's what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say in a statement regarding the casting.

"We are so excited to be working with Italia. We've been a fan of her work for years and we cannot wait to see her take on this iconic comic book role."

The actress joins a growing list of guest stars including Peter Facinelli (Maxwell Lord), Chris Browning (Reactron), Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Lucy Lane/Superwoman), Chris Vance (Non), Iddo Goldberg (Red Tornado) and Brit Morgan (Livewire). We reported last month that CBS issued a full season order for Supergirl, extending its first season to 20 episodes. We also learned last month that the show is seeking actors to play Superman in a flashback sequence.

Italia Ricci is best known for her role as April Carver on Chasing Life. She also has another unique superhero connection, since the actress is engaged to The Flash star Robbie Amell. What do you think about Italia Ricci portraying Silver Banshee on CBS' Supergirl? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more on this hit new series.