The cast of CBS' Supergirl has been growing steadily over the past few days, with Calista Flockhart and Laura Benanti signing on to play Cat Grant and Kara Zor-El's Kryptonian birth mother Alura Zor-El. Today, Project Casting has a casting call that essentially confirms Kara's cousin Superman will have some sort of a presence on the series. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be a speaking role at this time, with the casting call seeking a "body double" who will work for several days in March.

The production is seeking candidates who are, "5'11 or taller and Square Jawed and have a ripped physique." The casting call states that the candidate will portraying a "DC Comic Superhero," and those interested in applying should do so by adding "SUPERMAN" in the email's subject line. Now, this role is only for a photo double, which likely means that we will only be seeing Superman from afar, perhaps floating in the sky, keeping watch over Kara. This will likely keep the show interfering with the big-screen Superman, played by Henry Cavill, but perhaps they are only introducing Superman like this for now, before they can find the right actor to play him later on in the season.

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Melissa Benoist is playing Kara Zor-El, who has lived on Earth for several years but has hidden her Kryptonian abilities. Now at the age of 24, she decides to embrace her gifts, going on a journey to become the hero she was always born to be. Mehcad Brooks is portraying Jimmy Olsen, a photographer at CatCo, where Kara works as an assistant to Cat Grant. Jimmy is also her neighbor who has a huge crush on her. It seems that production is gearing up to start soon, so hopefully we learn more about Supergirl in the near future. Are you glad that Superman will at least have some sort of presence in Supergirl? Let us know what you think below.