This didn't take long. Ever since it was announced that CBS was moving forward with its Supergirl TV show, most fans have wondered quite loudly when Kal-El would eventually show up. Now, we have our answer. Though it might not be the answer everyone wants to hear.

Superman actually made his first appearance on CBS's Supergirl in the very first episode. But he has either been shot from behind, obscured by shadows, or represented as a blur off in the distance. Not any more. Clark Kent is finally going to show his face. Only, it will be in a flashback.

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Yes, that means the first time Superman appears in the flesh, standing within full view of the camera, he will be a teenager. A very young teenager. Kara's more famous cousin will show up before he became the full-fledged superhero that everyone knows and loves. And he'll be 13 years old.

The young Superboy, who won't be wearing his iconic blue and red tights just yet, won't make his presence known until 2016. And when he does, he won't be leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. He'll barely be making his way into puberty. Casting for the show is looking for a young actor who can play 13, but he must also have 'future leading man good looks'. His role as Kal-El will possibly expand into a recurring arc.

Superboy, who will be known as Clark, will be living with Mom and Pop Kent on their farm. He will first appear in episode 13, which does not have a title or air date at this time. The flashbacks will show a series of moments between Kal-El and Kara Zor-El, establishing their strong family bond. And the memories will be charished by Supergirl. What do you think? Is this a cop out? Or the perfect way to introduce this iconic DC Comics superhero on the show?