Just a few weeks after Arrow producer Greg Berlanti confirmed he is developing a Supergirl TV series, the project has landed a series commitment at CBS. The deal closed last night, just one day after Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler pitched the show to various networks on Wednesday.

The Supergirl character was created in 1959 by Otto Binder. While there have been several different characters who have taken up the Supergirl mantle, the CBS series will center on the most popular incarnation, Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman. Kara not only shares all of Superman's powers, but also his vulnerability to kryptonite. The show will focus on Supergirl as she starts to use her incredible powers, taking the opposite approach from The CW and Warner Bros. Television's Smallville, which showed Clark Kent's journey to becoming Superman. That series, which ran for 10 seasons, showcased the Supergirl character played by Laura Vandervoort in two episodes.

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Kara was born on Krypton but escaped to Earth just before her home planet was destroyed, hiding in plain sight on Earth while never using her powers. The show picks up with the title character at age 24, when she decides to embrace her incredible abilities.

Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler are writing the pilot script, with DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns also involved in the pilot's development. The writers will executive produce alongside Sara Schechter. Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler previously collaborated on ABC's superhero series No Ordinary Family.

Before picking up this project, CBS was the only network that didn't have a superhero project. ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starts its second season next week, with The CW's Arrow returning for its third season in October, along with the spin-off series The Flash. Fox is debuting its highly-anticipated series Gotham on Monday, with NBC rolling out its comic adaptation Constantine in October.