The DC Comics universe is spreading quickly throughout the TV landscape, with Gotham, The Flash, Arrow and Constantine all airing on major networks this year. CBS, the only network currently without a superhero show, is getting in the mix by developing Supergirl, a character previously played by Laura Vandervoort on The CW's Smallville. While it remains to be seen who will be the new Kara Zor-el, Laura Vandervoort did have some advice for whoever signs on to play the title character.

"Make sure you have some Nike soles in there. Just kidding! So you can run. Just make it your own. Everyone has an idea of how she should be, which I was concerned about when I played her, but when you find a way to relate to her and then bring your own self into it, I think people appreciate it. You can't make everything the same. So, just make it your own."
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The actress also wished the show well, while adding that she hopes to appear on an episode.

"I saw a lot of Twitter comments, with people wanting me to play Supergirl. I don't know what their plan is for it, but I wish them well, and maybe I can show up on an episode."

While there is still much we don't know about CBS' version of the character, we reported last month that the show will follow a 24-year-old Kara Zor-el, who has been hiding out on Earth and keeping her powers a secret, after escaping from Krypton. She decides to embrace who she really is and become the true hero she was always meant to be.

The show appears to be adapting the origin story that was set up in the New 52 comic book reboot, which doesn't include Superman, as Kara is left on her own to carve out her own identity. In the original comics, Superman helps Kara control her abilities until she can form an alter-ego all her own, but it's unclear if executive producers Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler will use this story line, or the New 52 story.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more details regarding Supergirl.