With production gearing to start up on CBS' Supergirl in the near future, the cast is coming together rapidly, with a report from yesterday even hinting at a Superman cameo. Melissa Benoist is starring as Kara Zor-El, with Mehcad Brooks playing her co-worker and neighbor Jimmy Olsen, Calista Flockhart portraying their employer, CatCo founder Cat Grant and Laura Benanti playing Kara's Kryptonian birth mother, Alura Zor-El. During the Independent Spirit Awards over the weekend, Melissa Benoist shed some new light on the CBS series, revealing that, despite her super-human abilities, her character is very relatable.

"What's so wonderful about her is that she is such a relatable character, amongst her powers. What I'm the most excited about is telling a story about a human being really realizing their potential and their strength, and I think that's something that everyone will root for and want in their own lives - I'm really excited about that."
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The series centers on 24-year-old Kara, who has lived on Earth for several years but kept her powers hidden, until she eventually begins to embrace her heroic nature. Unfortunately, the actress did not say if she will be donning the iconic Supergirl costume from the comic books, but there have been reports that we will see Kara donning that iconic outfit. The actress did say that she has studied the comic book costume, adding that it's quite "daunting."

"It's a little daunting. It's daunting, but that's good. I like being pushed. I work well under pressure."

The actress' previously starred as Marley in the fourth and fifth seasons of Glee, and she also played Miles Teller's love interest in the Best Picture nominee Whiplash. When asked about the recent opportunities her career has presented thus far, the actress had this to say.

"I think if you told my five-year-old self that all this would be happening in this period of time, I would not have believed you!" she said. "Because it's been really wonderful. I feel so privileged to be working and doing what I've always loved to do since I was four years old...I'm a little overwhelmed by it, to be honest."