While superhero movies have been dominating at the box office year after year, numerous comic book characters are becoming more and more prevalent on the small screen, with new shows such as Gotham, The Flash and Constantine debuting over the next few weeks. Today we have a new report from Bleeding Cool that DC is currently pitching a Supergirl TV series, which has Michael Green (Smallville) attached to write and produce.

While no specific details were given regarding the Supergirl TV series, it seems likely that the show will be based on the New 52 reboot, since Michael Green co-created the comic alongside Mike Johnson, Mahmud Asrar and Dan Green. Unlike the original comics, the New 52 reboot initially didn't include any mention of Kara Zor-El's cousin, Superman, but the comic eventually delved into her own planet, Krypton.

Supergirl has appeared on the small screen before, with Laura Vandervoort playing the character in two episodes of Smallville, a show which Michael Green wrote and produced for. It remains to be seen if a Supergirl show can steer clear of the mythology laid out in Smallville, but that could be possible if the show is based on the New 52 comics.

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Michael Green is currently slated to serve as the showrunner for Starz's Neil Gaiman adaptation American Gods, and it isn't known if he has written a full Supergirl pilot script yet. Michael Green's other writing credits include the NBC series Heroes, the 2011 Warner Bros. movie Green Lantern and a feature version of The Flash which is still in development.

Would you like to see a Sueprgirl show on the small screen? Who do you think should play Kara Zor-El? Chime in with your thoughts below.