In this day and age where superhero movies rule the box office roost, it seems that every actor is getting sucked in. What these films seem to do is hedge their bets with young thespians on the upswing, and older actors that lend the film some credibility. Some examples of this might be Marlon Brando in Superman, Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Anthony Hopkins in Thor. One might also make the case for Natalie Portman in the Thor films but that is another story...

However, there are some actors who cannot play ball. Actors who, by the very definition of the craft of acting, don't see a role like Iron Man as anything to get excited about. In fact, some years ago Movieweb interviewed Thomas Jane regarding the role of The Punisher. When asked if a role like that was something he coveted Jane replied, "It isn't Shakespeare." Yet, Jane was saying this after having already inhabited the role of Frank Castle.

Who is this rare breed that scoffs at playing a man dressed in tights or other corny costumes? In a business that predicates itself on the bottom line, why would an actor turn away from roles that almost guarantee box office success? (Or, at the very least, years of ancillary money from fans who want pictures, autographs, etc.) In such a dog eat dog game, you'd have to really establish yourself as a viable commodity before you'd be so choosey, right?

The answer lies somewhere in the middle. Some of the actors on this list are established with billions at the box office to their name. Others are less bankable yet have steered clear (and forged careers) as serious actors in Oscar bait-like projects. Quite simply, these actors can be choosey because their services are wanted elsewhere. Their very involvement with a film gets it green-lit.

All this said, it is pretty darn amazing that some of the biggest and best actors in the world have yet to be gobbled up by Marvel, DC and the comic book machines. In fact, it sort of seems inevitable that after you win an Oscar, or at least come within striking distance, you would allow yourself to sell out a little bit, right? Some have...Just not in the superhero universe. It is with this conundrum in mind that we present to you '9 Actors That Are Too Legit to be Superheroes.'

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Okay, lets be clear, Tom Hanks wasn't always too legit to do a superhero movie. In 2016, he's not necessarily trying to play The Dark Knight, but in the Bachelor Party days, up until he did Philadelphia, there didn't seem to be a role that this actor wouldn't take. Like a lot of the actors on this list, he may not go the superhero route, but he's no stranger to films with a lot of zeros in their budgets. Forrest Gump, Toy Story and Saving Private Ryan are just a few that come to mind. At nearly 60 years of age this actor, if he were to eventually do a superhero film, would most certainly have to play an elder statesman of some sort. Something akin to what Russell Crowe did in Man of Steel. Perhaps that is what keeps Hanks from biting into the apple? By taking a role like that, he would be acknowledging father time. And for an actor, that just isn't good business.

Evan Jacobs