Superhero Movie News

Wolverine and the X-Men Trailer Now Online

See the video for the newest animated series starring Marvel's favorite mutants.

Watch the Iron Man Superbowl TV Spot!

Check out all-new footage from the upcoming superhero flick!

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New Iron Man Superbowl Pic!

Here is an explosive new shot taken from the upcoming Super Bowl TV spot.

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Smallville Recap for Episode 7.10: Persona

Aaron Einhorn brings you the latest from Smallville.

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Iron Man Super Bowl TV Spot Details

Unseen footage will be revealed this Sunday.

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Will the Joker-Themed The Dark Knight Viral Campaign Continue?

Renewal of the 'Joker phones' suggests that it will.

Is Michael Rosenbaum Done with Smallville?

The actor hints that either the series or his involvement with it is over with Season Seven.

Mike Ausiello Says No More Jane Seymour on Smallville

The actress won't be reprising her role due to 'scheduling conflicts.'

EXCLUSIVE: Star Trek's Anton Yelchin Talks About Becoming Pavel Chekov!

Plus Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. on The Avengers and Iron Man.

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Warner Bros. Pays Tribute to Heath Ledger on Dark Knight Sites

Web pages modified in memory of the actor.

Marvel Studios and WGA Come to an Agreement

Deal will put writers back to work on filmed adaptations of Marvel comics.

Autopsy of Heath Ledger Inconclusive

It will take 10 days to complete the investigation.

Heath Ledger Is Found Dead in His Apartment

A sad day...

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What Will Become of The Dark Knight?

Warner Brothers wrestles with the upcoming ad campaign in light of Heather Ledger's death.

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New Photo of Iron Man

View the Mark III Iron Man armor worn by Robert Downey, Jr.

Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst Set for All Good Things

This period murder mystery will be directed by Andrew Jarecki.

First Shots of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Set

Crew have begun building sets in Queenstown, New Zealand.

First Pictures of Black Canary in Smallville!

Plus, an updated episode synopsis for episode 7.11, 'Siren'.

William Hurt Reveals Spoilers from the Iron Man/Incredible Hulk Crossover Scene!

Veteran actor reveals himself to be a closeted comic-book geek.

Is Michelle Monaghan the Silver Fox?

The actress tells us if the rumors are true about X-Men Origins: Wolverine .

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