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Scene Linking Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk Movies Revealed

Is Robert Downey, Jr. going to appear in the Hulk movie?

Brandon Routh Not Starring in Superman Returns 2?

Rumors abound connecting the film with the upcoming Justice League of America.

Bryan Singer Not Directing Superman Returns 2?

Also, news about Justice League and a sequel to The Dark Knight!

Christopher Nolan Dishes on The Dark Knight

The director discusses Heath Ledger's role as the Joker and the Harley Quinn rumor.

New Photos of The Hulk and Iron Man

New artwork is revealed online.

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Gerard Butler Will Not Be Sabretooth in Wolverine

Actor says "I haven't even met on it."

Iron Man and Hancock to Be at 2008 Super Bowl

At least eight exclusive movie promos are planned for the telecast.

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Watch the Official Trailer for The Dark Knight Now!

See it as it was meant to be seen!

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Watch 6 Minutes from The Dark Knight!

Leaked footage from the highly-anticipated film!

The Dark Knight Trailer Leaked Online

Time to fire the security person who was monitoring that theatre!

Debunked!: Your First Look at Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent in The Dark Knight?

Photo fakes of Aaron Eckhart as District Attorney Harvey Dent in the Batman Begins sequel make the rounds.

3 New Posters for The Dark Knight!

International posters, plus new Joker posters arrive!

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Smallville Recap for Episode 7.09: Gemini

Aaron Einhorn brings you the latest from Smallville.

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Jay Baruchel to Be a Villain in Justice League?

Is the Knocked Up star gearing up to be one of the evilest forces from DC Comics?

CONTEST: Win Huge in Our Spider-Man 3 on Demand Giveaway!

We're offering some great Spidey swag away to our readers.

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New Hi-Res Images from The Dark Knight!

We found a few new pics from the new Batman flick.

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New International Dark Knight and Iron Man Pics!

Check out these stunning new images from two highly anticipated films.

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Casting Rumors for Wolverine

Could Wolverine end up facing off against Gerard Butler?

Pete Ross Returns to Smallville

Sam Jones III reprises his role as Clark Kent's best friend.

MovieWeb Sees the First 6 Minutes of The Dark Knight!

Get the details inside on what to expect!